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Play as Alex and save your lover Arianne who got kidnapped by  the evil emperor! He wants to marry her! 

Hurry up, grab your sword and get her back! 

Created for Ludum Dare #33, "Almost Heroic" seems to be a classic  NES like J-RPG with a basic plot. Under its appearance, the game  denounce naively some videogame usual but harsh behaviour. 

Ludum Dare is a "Game Jam". The purpose is to spend a weekend creating a game based on a theme suggested by the community. Ludum Dare events take place every April, August and December. 

We decided to participate in the August 21st-24th session... just 1 hour before the announcement of the theme! :D 

Thus, we created this unpretentious little game, together on  skype/slack/github, deep into the very hot conditions of the game jam! 

The theme of this session is "you are the monster", we were all agreed to do a more subtle game than "control a monster". 

So we put our heads together for a small simple idea based on the clichés of the RPG, twisted into an original ending. :) 

All the graphics/sound/music is original and have been done during the jam session! 

Our team is composed of members of the development team RMEx

The few systems that we had the time to create (menu, quest journal,  battle system, credits) have been programmed in event, with some  RME event commands...  and RPGMaker VXAce No - more! :) 

We hope you will have fun!

  • Joke (@BilouMaster) - Graphics, Sound effect, Mapping  
  • xvw (@vdwxv) - Mapping, Programing, Writing  
  • Zangther - Programing (Battle system)  
  • Neha - Musics 
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Authorsxvw, BilouMaster Joke
Made withRPG Maker
Tags16-bit, Funny, Ludum Dare 33, RPG Maker
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The enemies are not easy to win :) I'm trying hard. Wanna see the big boss. Hehe

Yes, ennemies are really harsh! (It is increase the game duration :P)